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RendezTrue: interest networkingRendezTrue: interest networking


Who We Are was Launched in early 2010 by HghBranch Corporation - a pioneer in the Internet Interest Networking Industry. With more than 60 years of combined professional experience, offers a unique community that bring people of common media interests together from all over the world.

What We Do is a social networking site matches members based on, among other things, each member's complete mp3, or iTunes, library or playlist.  The unique matching engine compares each individual member's mp3 library with every other member's library.  The matching engine then scores the data to isolate others in the RendezTrue community with the greatest similarities in musical taste, as well as other shared interests including podcasts, downloaded TV shows, etc. provides members with the means to communicate with the closest matching individuals and groups to exchange insight and ideas about their common interests.  Members will be introduced to others with remarkably similar mp3 collections which will produce the opportunity for a profound and meaningful interchange. networking connections are based on the personal collections members have compiled, in most cases, over many years. It offers a chance to connect on a deeply personal level ¡V a connection that cannot be contrived or manipulated.

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