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RendezTrue: interest networkingRendezTrue: interest networking

We invite you to participate in a networking revolution.

Use your own music, podcasts and other media to find your True Match.

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In addition to services offered by other Internet dating/matching sites, RendezTrue provides a unique feature that allows members to match others by their preferences in music.

RendezTrue allows members to match others by conventional means, including age, sex, self descriptions, location, etc., HOWEVER RendezTrue also includes a playlist/library matching engine that will match and score equivalent music, podcasts, and other information included on each member’s MP3 collection. A member’s choice of matches will include the ability to meet others with the closest similarity in music and other libraries.

When members upload their play lists, RendezTrue's patent-pending matching engine analyzes all list entries between each pair of members based on information in there, such as the genre, artists, etc. and produces the TrueScore™, which represents a compatibility indicator between the two members.